Sustainability & Quality

Moving into the future together with you

The sustainable and responsible handling of fish, a valuable foodstuff, also means that we agree on binding and transparent rules together. Such rules can be found, for example, in the various independently controlled seals for sustainable foods. In this way, we can all pull together, from the fisherman or breeder to the processing plant and the trade to the consumer.

Saving the marine environment!

100% regional prime quality – our african catfish is coming from sustainable german farms and is processed in Mecklenburg only.

100% regional prime quality means excellence from seeding to processing. Even our seedlings are grown in certified facilities in Mecklenburg and Thuringia.

The feed is free from genetically modified organisms and adapted to the animal welfare of the fish. We think that artificial growth accelerators should not be used to create top products. We reach our goal of healthy and fast growing fish by creating proper conditions.

100% Elterntiere, Aufzucht, Futter, Filetierung, Bearbeitung aus Deutschland

These excellent living conditions and permanent security checks allow us to reject any antibiotics in the farming process.

Superb ecobalance – we use energy from biogas plants for our farms. But unlike most others we don't only use the electricity - we use the waste heat. On the other hand our fish delivers excellent fertilizer for the fields. The Plants that grow on these fields become animal feed, are used to make human food and biomass for the biogas plants. That is the way we create electricity to sell it, use it for our farms and our fish farms.

This cycle and the short ways to the fish factory in our region guarantuee the best possible ecobalance for our customers and ourselves.


Unser Qualitätsversprechen 100% frei von Konservierungsstoffen, Geschmacksverstärkern, künstliche Aromen, Farbstoffen. Hergestellt in Mecklenburg

Femeg-Quality, you can taste!

Our company femeg processes sustainable fish and seafood from all over the world and creates specialities made in Mecklenburg without any:

  • preservative agents
  • flavour enhancers
  • artificial flavours
  • colourants

We care for our goods as well as for nature, the fishermen of our suppliers and of course our own stuff


We are a long established brand for fish with more than 30 years on the market for natural and crafted fish and seafood products "Made in Germany". Our family brand with the red curve and the blue and white Logo with the seagull is well known to most of the fish friends in Germany. We warrant that we only use sustainable materials for all of our products.

Aside of our general assortment we created a small but nice assortment especially for our eco traders. All these products offer extras above our normal sustainabilty criteria. In this range we offer ecologically farmed trout from denmark, msc certified wildfish in organic batter or nilfish certified by naturland.

Femeg im Biofachhandel