Stizostedion lucioperca


The average length is 40–50 cm. Occasionally, they can measure up to 1.30 m in length, and weigh up to 19 kg. They can live for between 10 and 20 years.


The very firm, white meat has a pleasant aroma.

Natural habitat

Rivers and lakes in northern, western and central Europe, as well as parts of the Baltic sea with a lower salt content.


The zander lives as a predatory fish in slow-flowing rivers and lakes. It prefers cloudy water where it does not have to compete with pikes. The zander’s distinctive vision in murky waters is advantageous.


Due to its relatively small mouth, the zander prefers small fish.


The zander is part of the Perciformes family. It has an elongated, spindle-shaped body. The dorsal fin is divided into a front and a back part. The zander is silver/grey with a light green stripe.


The zander is one of the largest freshwater fish in Europe.

Fishing method

Purse seines

Purse seines are mainly used for schooling fish. These nets are intended to surround the shoal. A line is used to close the net at the bottom and catch the fish.

Fishing area(s)


Fishing method

Purse seines