White Tiger shrimp

Litopenaeus vannamei


These shrimps measure up to 0.1 m in length, and weigh up to 100 g.


These shrimps are a green/grey colour when raw, but turn red during preparation. The white leg shrimp is more robust than the black tiger shrimp, and is therefore better suited for breeding.



Natural habitat

They are mainly found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


As ground animals, the shrimps live on the seabed near the coast.


They eat algae and plankton.


A white tiger shrimp is grey/green in colour, and has an elongated body, which is more or less cylindrical and slightly compressed laterally, and a thin shell. They have long antennae and very delicate claws (“pincers”).


Die Garnelen sind roh noch grün-grau und verändern während der Zubereitung ihre Farbe ins rötliche. Die Vannamai Garnele ist robuster als die Black Tiger Garnele und daher besser für die Zucht geeignet.

Fishing method

Fish farming Fresh water

Pond farming is the oldest form of aquaculture and still the most widely used form worldwide. Pond farming refers to an artificial or natural facility in which fish are bred during a continuous exchange of water.

Fishing area(s)


Fishing method

Fish farming Fresh water