Pangasius hypophthalmus


Adult fish can measure up to 150 centimetres in length, and weigh up to 44 kilograms.


Pangasius meat is very tender and mild.

Nutrition infos

The meat is very low in fat and cholesterol.



Natural habitat

It inhabits the Mekong and Chao Phraya rivers in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.


The pangasius is active by day, and lives in a shoal. In the course of the year, these fish make long journeys, due to the changing water levels of the rivers in which they live.


The pangasius eats algae, aquatic plants, zooplankton, molluscs, insects, organic waste, larger animals (including fish), crustaceans and fruits.


The pangasius is part of the catfish family, and has the typical scale-free, elongated body. It is dark grey with a lighter belly and dark grey/black fins.


In addition to breathing via the gills, this fish also takes in air at the water surface, with the swim bladder serving as a respiratory organ.

Fishing method


The farming or aquaculture includes the controlled breeding of aquatic organisms. Aquaculture is gaining in importance, particularly as a result of increasing international demand.

Fishing method

Fish farming Fresh water

Pond farming is the oldest form of aquaculture and still the most widely used form worldwide. Pond farming refers to an artificial or natural facility in which fish are bred during a continuous exchange of water.

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Fishing method

Aquaculture, Fish farming Fresh water