Dorade (dentex-bream)

Dentex dentex


The gilthead reaches a maximum body length of 100 centimetres and a weight of up to 14 kilograms.


The meat of the gilthead is white and very tasty.

Natural habitat

the Dorade, also dentex-bream named, lives in the Eastern Atlantic of Norway until North-Africa as well as in the Mediterranean and rarely in the black sea.


The fish are sociable and occasionally form large migrating shoals. In coastal areas they live mainly on sand and rocky ground. The preferred depth is between 15 and 50 meters, rarely they can be found in water depths of up to 300 meters.


Tooth bream are active hunters and feed on smaller fish, molluscs and squid.


It has a laterally flattened and oval body. The head has a pointed snout with terminal mouth. The back and flanks are blue-grey to brown-blue. The undivided dorsal fin has 11 hard fin spines.


Tooth bream are so-called protogyne hermaphrodites. This means that all fish become sexually mature as females at the age of about one to two years and later transform into males.

Fishing area(s)