Black tiger shrimps

Penaeus monodon


Black tiger shrimps can have a body length of around 0.4 m, and weigh up to 250 g.


They have pleasantly firm meat and a slightly sweet taste, and are great grilled and served with salads or pasta dishes.

Nutrition infos

Black tiger shrimps are rich in protein.



Natural habitat

These shrimps live in the Indo-Pacific ocean.


Black tiger shrimps live as ground animals on the seabed near the coast.


They eat algae and plankton.


A black tiger shrimp has an elongated body, which is more or less cylindrical and slightly compressed laterally, and a thin shell. They have long antennae and very delicate claws (“pincers”).


These shrimps are a green/grey colour when raw, but turn red during preparation.

Fishing method

Net housing Freshwater

Net enclosures are installations for fish farming in natural waters such as ponds, rivers or the open sea. They consist of a buoyant carrier system and a net in which the fish are kept. Net enclosures facilitate feeding, inspection and harvesting without preventing the continuous exchange with the surrounding water and thus free fresh water supply.

Fishing area(s)

Fishing method

Net housing Freshwater