Frozen products from FEMEG
wear the Nutri-Score

Fish taste in the green section

Top marks in the ABC of healthy nutrition: From October 2020, frozen fish products of the FEMEG brand will carry the Nutri-Score. This simple marking consisting of colors and letters on the packaging clearly shows how well a food product contributes to a balanced diet. The FEMEG products all end up with the ratings A to B in the green and therefore particularly recommendable range.

The company uses the change to a new, more modern packaging design to label all products one by one. "With this we want to show the flag for the topic of healthy nutrition, which has been close to our hearts at FEMEG for a long time", explains Marketing Manager Stefan Drewes. "The Nutri-Score evaluations now show at a glance how valuable the contribution of fish and seafood is.

The Nutri-Score, developed in France, is intended by the German Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, to make it easier for all consumers to choose foods for a balanced diet in the future. Letters from A (favorable) to E (unfavorable) and an easy-to-understand traffic light color system make it easy to compare foods in terms of their nutritional values - without the tedious study of nutritional information. This makes it easier to make your choice when you go shopping: a product with a green A is more suitable for a balanced diet than another product in the same product group with a red E. Companies throughout Europe can label their products on a voluntary basis. However, an "all or nothing" rule applies: even products in the range with an unfavorable rating must be labeled.

FEMEG decided early on in favour of labelling and is now implementing it as legislation has cleared the way for this. MSC pike-perch fillets will start in October; portioned wild salmon fillets, baked fish fillets and plaice Müllerin Art will follow by the end of the year. By the end of 2021, all items in the company's program are to carry the Nutri-Score.